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iPhone 4s Running Hot and Fast Battery Drain – Fixed

I recently ran into this issue with my iPhone 4s where the phone was constantly hot with a super fast battery drain (1% every 10 min).

I was able to solve this issue and I figure I share it to everyone.

Problem:  iphone4s was running very hot with a fast battery drain for no reason, all the application were closed and a hard reboot didn’t help either.

Spec: iPhone 4s iOS 5.1.1

How I approach the problem:

  1. uninstall all 3rd party application, this will narrow it to if a 3rd party application cause the issue or if its something in the iOS5 system.
  2. Since even with the application removed, it was still running hot, it most likely had to to with iOS system.
  3. The phone was still running hot, so I did a backup and restore using itunes
  4. After the restore process took place, I restored it using the backup.
  5. the Phone was still running hot with fast battery drain.
  6. Completely remove all 3rd party app – erase all content and data from General – Setting – Reset
  7. Backup all the data (phone,notes,pictures) to icloud or local on your computer
  8. Do NOT restore from prior backup (most likely the backup already has an issue )
  9. Start iphone from scratch, like a new phone.
  10. Start icloud sync before installing any 3rd party app.
  11. Verify that icloud sync did not cause an issue with iphone running hot and high battery life (please let the phone cool down for a couple of mins since it will be kinda hot after syncing the data.)
  12. at this point its pretty much safe to say the iphone has been working fine, reinstall all 3rd party app and verify that the iphone is running ok.


I think what basically happen was that iphone4s was running a database error loop. It would call for something, error out, and start over and over again. This process will constantly repeat itself, causing high CPU and in term causing high temperature and low battery life in the phone.

The way I solved this issue was do a refresh install of the iphone. Hopefully apple fixes this issue since there is no easy fix other than install iphone from scratch.

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  1. Amanda
    September 3, 2012 at 1:59 pm

    HI! I am facing exactly the same problem as you do but I can’t seems to solve it! Help please!

  2. davidliang8312
    September 5, 2012 at 6:09 pm

    Sure. Did you remove all the 3rd party programs? Which step are you stuck on?

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